Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brian Sapient and Greydon Square

What occurred over the last weekend at the AHA/SSA conference was that Greydon Square got into a verbal disagreement with Brain Sapient of the Rational Response Squad, and finally turned over a table and repeatedly punched Brian in the face causing severe bruising, lacerations and abrasions and hospitalization. The argument was because Brian was standing up for himself and was not backing down to Greydon's demands to stop selling his CD's, which Brain stated he had already paid for and felt it was ethical and fair for him to continue selling the CDs. Greydon then digressed into a threat of physical violence, and Brian did not wish to leave it at that. Brian requested they finish the issue there and then so as not to have to have it lingering. Greydon then flipped over the table throwing it into one of the "mediators" that Greydon requested and knocked Brian to the ground with a punch and continued to punch Brian in the face repeatedly.

In the past I have attended ,and will attend, various SSA/AHA events. I have met many people over the years and hope beyond hope that anyone I befriended at these events are not any of the individuals I see posting light hearted commentary about this event and ins many cases, justifying what Greydon Square did.

I am particularly interested in having dialog with Ishmael and anyone else who did not seem to take this event seriously and understand that Brian was in no way responsible for the atrocious behavior of Greydon any more than a girl is in no way responsible for her rape if she was wearing a short skirt. In other words, even *IF* all the allegations against Brian are true, it in no way justifies what Greydon did. Greydon is 100% responsible for his deplorable act, and should suffer the social interactions for what he did. It is a side-track to continue to refer to what an asshole Brian is because he was ripping people off, or what ever accusation one might have about his personality. I do not know Brian and agree that if he is involved in criminal behavior, he should be held accountable. But I withhold my "belief" (hint: as all good skeptic should pride themselves in doing) about those allegations against Brian until I have hard evidence for it.

My hard evidence for what Greydon did, and my recounting of some fo the facts about the conversations that were had with Greydon before the assault, and the assault itself, are from one of the two eye witnesses to the event with whom I am a close friend who relayed to me the particulars of the event. I am taking this on because I am shocked, absolutely dismayed at some of the posts on the Internet I have seen from supposed other rational mature atheists. I was naive in that area... I thought it was impossible for educated atheists to ever find such an act "deserved" or light-hearted and not taken very seriously.