Sunday, December 6, 2009

Clean image, yes. Which is why you should leave him alone...

It is thoroughly irresponsible for Nancy Grace to be covering this like she is. Tiger has proven himself to be a very nice, toughtful guy and nancy is effectively sensationalizizing a non-story. It's effective because of viewers who think they are SUPPOSED to pass judgement on someone else's private matters, when the opposite is true... they are jejune and should be embarrassed for themselves for thinking they should be meddling in his private business. Because Tiger has been such a great guy, and will continue to be, he has earned the priviledge of being left alone. Save your attacks for preachers or televangelists who are on record chastising others for their transgressions. But last I knew, Tiger has never attacked anyone else for their PRIVATE transgressions.

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"The squeaky clean image that Tiger Woods has managed to maintain"
- Tiger Woods Crash: What really happened? – Nancy Grace - Blogs (view on Google Sidewiki)

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