Saturday, December 12, 2009

This is a scam site, but not illegal

The scam is that when people search for a product and add the word "review", this site comes up pretty high. However, they do not hide the fact that they will put YOUR product as the BEST product if you pay them. I found this out when I fell for their supposed "review" of anti-virus software, but then caught on when the little known "Bullet" anti-virus supposedly beat out Norton, McAffee, Trend Micro, and all the others. I then researched further to find they did this with many 'lesser known' products who would not be as noticed for using such a scam site to push their product. They then try to add in a few 'legit" bits of news, etc, to make the site look legit. But even then, the videos are amatuer, with mispellings, and forced acting. Do not trust this site, they do not review for your benifit. Go to or similar to get unbiased reviews.

in reference to: TopTenREVIEWS Expert Product Reviews (view on Google Sidewiki)

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