Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am not a hero-worshiper, as I have no heroes. Instead, I have people in my life who I admire for their great character and how they treat others, and more so for those who lack defensiveness and embrace true dialog with opposing viewpoints to reach the best possible understanding of varying perspectives.

There are two ways to do this... from the safety of the Internet, Opinion pieces, or to audiences where many of your supporters are in attendance to balance the 'boos'.

so when President Obama paid a visit to the GOP caucus meeting yesterday, I am certain the profoundness of this went unnoticed by many Americans.

He went before a hostile group of republicans to allow them to question him on anything they wished to question him, not as a photo op, but for true dialog, and he wanted cameras to be there. This is huge, folks, as it is political suicide (or how all other presidents have operated before). Obama even addresses this in part in his talk to the GOP when he says that it is unfortunate that poll numbers matter more than what the people of America want... and that is how Washington operates. he even said (paraphrasing), " I know it's heresy to say this, but, getting elected is not as important as doing what the people want".

He's right... it WAS heresy to do such a thing, and that alone is infuriating that it ever was, and still might be. But he just said it, and demonstrated it was by not avoiding what all other presidents before him have done, and 'played it safe... VERY safe' by keeping himself away from the opposing party's 'lion's den'. But Obama knows he is happy to correct his views even on national television, even if a Republican points it out, and proved it.

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SDC said...

I thought it was fantastic he did that. It was very brave and went against everything his critics have been hammering him with - particularly that 'he needs a teleprompter' B.S.

Why did he have to wait a year, though? This was the Obama we voted for back in 2008. I hope he sticks around and doesn't back down.